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“I have suffered from Type 2 Diabetes for 5 years, High Blood Pressure for 14 years approx., Osteoarthritis pain in my knee for 21 years and taking Doctor’s medication and also nutrition supplements from different companies and yet I continued to suffer. I started taking the Sizzling Minerals also the original Juice (liquid minerals). I have now weaned myself off all the doctor’s medications. My right 4th toe no longer goes over my big toe, as deformity had started. For the past three months I can now walk flat as my right foot had a tendency to arch due to the deformity that was creeping in because of Arthritis. Thanks to Sizzling Minerals my life has improved dramatically.” Neville, London – UK

Minerals4U - Minerals
High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

As I approach middle age (taking 50 as the mid-point!) my Cholesterol levels had sneaked up to 7.8 so after much finger-wagging from my specialist I resolved to take the threat seriously and returned much to my specialist's surprise, having reduced the levels to 4.8. I was also diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis which manifested similarly to gout except with Psoriasis. Within months I was all mended again and have not suffered a further episode. The final blow was being diagnosed with Diabetes and I would not allow myself to endure the suffering I witnessed with my mother. The diet has brought my blood counts down from 13 to under 5 and I have no medication.

Minerals4U The one final piece in the health jigsaw which persisted and was unrelenting and steadily deteriorating was my High Blood Pressure. I never feel ill but, no matter what I did, the blood pressure seemed to being going steadily upwards also an annual eye test showed the pressures in the eyes had shot up to 27. I had been on the Sizzling Minerals for about a month when I had to go for the latest blood pressure and ECG tests. The doctor almost fell off his chair when he looked at the readings. I had about 7 re-tests of the blood pressure before he said "I think we've got it under control", I said: "I think I can tell you why" and produced a sample of the minerals. He remains sceptical but still dismissed me telling me not to come back for another six months. The very next week, I thought I should make sure my spectacles were still doing the job. The optician assured me my eye pressures were perfectly normal at 19. I made no further comment, just left with a silly grin on my face and skip in my step, the final piece of the jigsaw was in place and a 100% clean bill of health - I am perfectly convinced, thanks to Sizzling Minerals." Anonymous – UK

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